State Mandated (ORC 5713.01 (B)) Reappraisal of All Properties
Oct 27 2021

The Preble County Auditor is beginning the process of a state mandated (ORC 5713.01 (B)) reappraisal of all properties. The reappraisal is a two-year process with new values being established for tax year 2023, for taxes payable in 2024. Beginning in October 2021 and running through the end of 2022 there will be photographers obtaining photos for use in the reappraisal process. These photos are for in office use only. These individuals will be working on behalf of the Preble County Auditor’s office, but are employed by Appraisal Research Corporation. They will be identified with badges, safety vests, and car signs.  The photographer’s will be following recommendations from the CDC and Ohio Health Department while also practicing social distancing protocols. Questions should be directed to the Preble County Auditor’s office at 937-456-8148 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

PREBLE COUNTY PORK FESTIVAL September 17th and 18th, 2022
Jun 24 2022

PREBLE COUNTY PORK FESTIVAL September 17th and 18th, 2022


The Preble County Auditor’s office recognizes the need to keep a revenue generating and statement event in Preble County. In hopes that you also agree, we are asking that you will take into consideration volunteering just a few hours of your time to keep this longstanding tradition in efforts to enjoy for years to come. This year is its 51st year in operation. (1971-2022)


Welcome to the Preble County Auditor’s Office Web Site!
May 15 2020

As an elected official, I believe my most important duty is to serve you, the people of Preble County. Thus, probably the most important feature of this web site is the wide range of services that can be obtained here. Another advantage of the web site is that, unlike the County offices, web sites have no office hours. Information on the home page will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will enable those people who cannot get to our office during the traditional office hours to access information they need.

Auditor Parcel Combinations
May 15 2020

Lakengren has had a lot of Auditor Parcel Combinations completed in the last few months.
Although the New parcel is showing all of the lots that were requested to be combined are in fact combined.

CAUV Information
May 15 2020

The Preble County Auditor, Lavon Wright, with the support from Preble County Farm Bureau, would like to provide information regarding changes to Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV).